Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Goodbyes

The world has made it a custom for goodbyes to be sad, but I believe that doesn't always have to be the case. Goodbyes can be happy too! They are a time to wish farewell, safe travels, & good luck. They are a time to tell the people you care about most how much they really mean to you. I believe goodbyes bring people closer together, they make friendships last forever  & family stronger. Goodbyes make people braver, closer to their own hearts. They make hearts flutter and beat in anticipation to tell someone what you really meant, or how you really feel before it's too late. Goodbyes are when people are their most genuine and honest self. Goodbyes can be sad or they can be happy. If everyone lived their lives as if they were leaving tomorrow then the world would be much, much different; we would be more genuine, fearless & lovely. Goodbyes bring out the best in people. It is not a time to be remorseful, it is a time to rejoice and celebrate! Nothing is infinite not even lost. Goodbyes are not forever.
I want to live my everyday like it's a goodbye because I know I am my better self.
Goodbyes mean leaving people you love behind, but everyone you encounter finds a place in your heart and you carry your heart with you everywhere you go so they never leave you! Goodbyes are the hardest part, but with every goodbye there is a new hello. So here is my hello to my new life in EspaƱa! Let the journey begin.

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  1. Good byes are SO hard, and yet SO great to have a chance of opening another door. I am so excited for you!! Love ya!